Nothing Boring on Borean

Marrowthief’s still working on raising his baby venomraptor, and I’m making sure to take pictures of the various stages of life for the little dino. I’ll post pictures when the process is done; I’m about halfway to completing my collection of shed teeth.

The actual reason for this post is to document an actual PvP encounter I had today… on the PvE server Borean Tundra, of all places!  World PvP seems pretty hopping, at least in Hellfire Penninsula, where the Alliance outposts get attacked all the time. The actual incident today, though, was more random.

My main on BT is a gnome Death Knight named Blackrat. She’s level 61, and in fact had just dinged. I was going over talent points when I heard a plaintive “help” in /say. I closed the talent window and turned around to see a 63 Forsaken Death Knight utterly whomping a human DK — also level 61, interestingly enough. Without hesitation, I deathgripped the Forsaken, and with my permaghoul flattened him in a matter of seconds.

It was surprising how easy it was. Thinking back, I don’t THINK that the Forsaken’s health bar had been significantly depleted before I attacked him. It’s possible it was. But, still, I consider my actions more than defensible, defending one of my fellow Alliance, after all.

Less than 5 minutes later, before my PvP flag had run out, I was flattened by an 80 Troll Hunter. Utterly splatted. I don’t know if the Forsaken had called in the Troll or what, but I strongly suspect that was the case. If not, well, there’s no shame in getting splatted by a player 20 levels above me… and if he DID call the troll in, I still consider the whole incident a moral victory. :]


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