A New Contender

Ohhh, the Barrens.  The Barrens has, for the moment, defeated me.  It’s so long. So big. So much stuff still to do before Salem’s done with it. And after finally hitting 20 with him, getting cat form and a kodo, I found myself soon not wanting to work on him for a bit. However, I still wanted to keep up with this overall project — the carebear pver on a pvp server — and thus rolled up a Death Knight.


Say "hi" to the nice folks, Marrowthief.

Marrowthief’s professions are skinning and enchanting. Skinning raises quickly and with it, MT can provide mats to Salem (who does leatherworking). The greens that Salem makes can then, in turn, be send to MT for disenchanting. Mudfish buys vellum, sends that to MT to make scrolls to sell on the auction house. Mmm, synergy.

Enchanting, unlike skinning, raises v e r y s l o w l y. I have accepted this. I am zen with it. Om.

My intention with MT was to get his skinning to 300 and then hit the Outlands, but a trip into Ungoro Crater distracted me with the idea of getting one of those nifty Venomhide Ravasaur mounts. It’ll take 20 days to raise the little hatchling, but oh my word. SO worth it. The little guy is adorable, and I can’t wait to watch him grow up!


Look, he's smiling at me!

I feel sorry for the Alliance; getting the Winterspring cat mount isn’t half as cool as raising a dinosaur from a baby.


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