Healer Bear

I’d popped online for a few minutes, intending just to get a couple of quests out of the way, when an incoming whisper asked if I’d be willing to heal for Shadowfang Keep. I hesitated at first, being a Feral druid in Feraly leather, but then agreed. Salem’s still at the point where talent specs don’t matter all THAT much, and I made sure to stock up on Melon Juice before making my way from the Barrens to Silverpine Forest.

Things started a little rough with other party members thinking we were doing Wailing Caverns instead and another member AFKing for a cigarette; I was almost to the path leading up to the instance when the summons finally came (and remember, I was coming in from all the way at Camp Taurajo!) Then another party member announced that he’d spilled beer on his computer. I also got mild questioning about why I was in the guild I was in; this last worried me a little at first, since I was afraid I was going to hear that my guild had a horrible reputation or something, but it soon became clear that the other guy just thought his guild was the bestest for leveling characters and yadda yadda. Definitely a shrug it off moment.

The instance itself went well enough. There were a few wipes due to overpulls, but nothing major; we got through things very quickly. Maybe too quickly — there were a lot of times when I’d give mana warning and they would not stop to let me sit and drink. (There were times I did anyway.) The mana thing really puzzled me when I considered that the tank was a paladin who was also often low on mana. I expected that a paladin of all classes would be understanding of the need to stop and drink. But, ah well. The only thing that really annoyed me was how that same paladin rolled on every BoP that would be even remotely useful to her, and KEPT rolling on BoP items even after she’d won stuff. Leather shoulders? Rolled on it. Leather bracers? Rolled on it. Cloak with dodge and other stats? Rolled on it. Cripes. Greedy, much?

Nobody shared quests, either.

Ah, well. Such things happen in PUGs sometimes. You have to learn to just shrug and get on with life. I’ve experienced plenty of good PUGs that this in no way soured me from doing them; I am, in fact, very heartily looking forward to the new LFG that’s coming in Patch 3.3. And Salem didn’t come away from Shadowfang Keep completely empty-handed. Not only did he get the achievement for the dungeon, but his bags were stuffed with leather from skinning the worgs and worgen, and he hit level 20 while inside. So it’s all good.


Salem as horned lion, sporting a bitchin' nosering.


Go, Speed Kodo! Go, Speed Kodo! Go, Speed Kodo, go!


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