Headless Horseman: Afraid of Cows?

For some reason, the Headless Horseman doesn’t ever attack Bloodhoof. He goes after Razor Hill, Brill, that blood elf newbie town whose name I forget… but not Bloodhoof. Either the tauren just aren’t cool enough or he’s afraid of us. I like to think it’s the latter.

Salem had his first encounter with the enemy today while running from Camp Taurajo to the Crossroads. It was a lone female Draenei, only a few levels greater than him, with a bright yellow name over her head. Of course — the Barrens are Horde territory; she was flagged and Salem was safe. Still, he stopped to watch her go by, and she paused just long enough to wave before heading on. A simple, peaceful encounter.

Hit level 14 later that morning, which means, I think, more druid class quests. The cure-poison one for certain, which always makes me go ‘meh’. It’s a long, boring, annoying questline and the spell you get from it is replaced not long afterward with a better version. The questline for aquatic form’s much better, especially since they changed the reward belt to a blue-letter item with an on-activate self-heal. Definitely worth the effort to get!



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