A bear! Where? There!

Level 13! Accomplished: bearform, finishing up Mulgore quests, and moving into the Barrens. Chugging along nicely, in other words.

In regards to professions, I decided to do the not-so-wise thing and choose leatherworking instead of a second gathering profession. I have no excuses other than I like being able to make stuff my character can use. I have, though, set up an auction mule to park in Org; it’s a lot quicker and easier to send stuff to a mule rather than travel to an auction house on a played character. Already made two whole gold pieces! And used a chunk of that to buy the two-handed maces skill and some 6-slot bags.

Guild chatter was quiet tonight. No stories of ganking or being ganked, either. Salem’s still in the safety zone, and everything’s quite chill.


Salem's a bear! Raaar!

Salem's a bear! Raaar!


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