Level 10, Guilding, Hallow’s End

The first 10 levels of a druid are, without a doubt, the hardest and most annoying. You don’t have bearform, you don’t have great stats, and you’re forced to be this kind of halfassed mage type, throwing out spells until you run out of mana (which happens at least once a fight) and then whacking things with your stick or dagger or whatever. Salem is finally past that, though; he hit level 10 last night, so it’s bearform questy time for him now. I was too tired to do it last night, though, and my husband wanted my help in FFXI (which he gets the urge to dabble in every so often), so bearform’ll have to wait until later today.

The other notable thing is that Salem’s in a guild already. He received the ginvite for “The Horde is my Shepherd” right out of the blue, no tells or whispers or anything. Normally, my instinct is to decline such invitations, but in the spirit of what-the-hell-why-not, I hit accept instead. The guild’s pretty big (not surprising, if they’re inviting people willy-nilly) and seems to be your basic social-chatty type of guild. Most people are NOT at the level cap, though, and the GM was quite willing to gkick the dipstick who decided to spam guild chat with rando ALL CAPS profanity and randomness. So, not bad. We’ll see how she flies; I can always quietly gquit later if things don’t work out.

Finally, Hallow’s End has started! This… actually doesn’t mean a whole lot to Salem. He’ll do some trick or treating as is convenient. The masks and stuff are fun, the put out the fires quests are easy, and there buff candy and free food to be had. But there’s no point in hunting holiday achievements hardcore when you’re under level 80, at least not for most of them. No, that sort of thing will be reserved for my main, who’s actually gotten a lot of the Hallow’s End achievements already. Hopefully, she’ll be able to get the title this year, but I’m not super-hopeful, thanks to holiday achievements which put me at the mercy of the random number generator. 😛 Stupid sinister squashling.

Salem and Kyle

Salem does a little dance after feeding Ahab Wheathoof's hungry doggy.


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