Let’s make this simple.

I’m a WoW player, and this is a WoW blog. Specifically, it’s a WoW blog about me leveling a character on a PvP server.

Y’see, I’ve played WoW since late beta, not counting a several-month break or three here and there. I tend to roll lots of alts, so I only have one character at level 80, one sitting at 70-something (and waiting ’til Blizzard lets undead be hunters) and a gazillion alts somewhere under the 40 mark. And all of them are on PvE realms. Apart from an occasional battleground or dip into Lake Winterspring, I don’t PvP, and my characters’ lives are pretty safe (mob deaths excepted, of course). So, as an experiment, I’ve rolled a brand new character on Ravenholdt, a RP-PvP realm. His name is Salem and he’s a Tauren Druid.

Currently, Salem is level 6 and chilling out at Camp Bloodhoof, having completed his first bout of newbie quests and ready for his next set of newbie quests. I’m planning to take him the Feral route for much the same reason why I chose a Tauren and a Druid — I like Feral bestest. I’m still waffling a bit on his professions, though. I’ve already taken skinning, that being the easiest gathering profession to get, use, and raise; the dilemma is what else to take. Common wisdom says to take another gathering profession, since Salem’s my only character on Ravenholdt and thus will have no one to send him cash when he’s poor, and that’s probably the way I’ll go. And herbalism is not only almost as easy as skinning, but provides a self-heal ability which can be used in animal forms. So that’s probably the way I’ll go.

So far, of course, this is just like playing a character on a “normal” realm, and I imagine that it’ll be that way for a while. After Mulgore, Salem’ll head to the Barrens, and until Salem’s done with the Big Wide Wasteland, the only contested area he’ll have to worry about is Moonglade. Presuming, of course, that Moonglade is still contested; it sure was the last time I dabbled in PvP and took a newbie character there during that holiday with the elders and free Moonglade teleports and the like.

Exciting times ahead. Exciting times.



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